The 1st and 60 Show

As some who know me can attest, I am a HUGE Google+ advocate. I am “drinking the kool-aid” as some are wont to call it. So is it any wonder that I have another show on my plate. No, it’s not.

But, this time, I’m not alone.

I pitched a show idea to a friend of mine and he couldn’t get the word “yes” out of his mouth fast enough. Russell Baxter, NFL guru (stat extraordinaire) and I started our show, 1st and 60, in March 2014.

1st and 60 is “hour” take on the latest happenings in the NFL (National Football League). Rumblings, rumors, on-the-field, off-the-field, stats, social media and, of course, guests. Guests, guests and more guests. Every other Thursday during the off-season, we’ll help get you through the NFL off-season doldrums with nothing but football.

1st and 60

Circle us on Google+ to stay up to date on the latest show. Here was our latest show prepping for the NFL Draft.

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