Wimbledon Expanding Its Social Reach


Wimbledon Day 1

Welcome back, Wimbledon.

The Championships are back and better than ever. A few minor upsets in court action today on Day 1, but nothing of consequence for the top seeds. With Wimbledon getting into full swing, let’s take a quick look at the social media centered around the grandest of tennis tournaments. 


According to Sophie Curtis from The Telegraph, Wimbledon is amping up its Twitter presence this year. Everything from digital photos for fans to in-tweet highlights to Henman Hill screen time for fan tweets, oh, and of course the infamous Twitter Mirror, are all a part of the package. 

The photo above was taken earlier this afternoon from Wimbledon’s “Social Hill“. The numbers in the lower right corner, “Tweets Today” and “Tweets Total”, will display as of the time its viewed. So, the 11k and 802k are as of the time I viewed it. Not bad numbers considering it was going up against the World Cup.



But, Twitter isn’t the only platform Wimbledon has taken greater interest in this year. As the tournament has drawn closer, they’re sharing more photos and video on their Instagram too.

Watch: The stars hit the practice courts at #Wimbledon

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FACEBOOK (Fantasy)

Something I noticed on Facebook was something called the Wimbledon Fantasy Game.

Wimbledon FB

How does the Wimbledon Fantasy Game work? According to their website:

  • Each user receives a budget of 1,000 stars.
  • Working within your budget, choose five different player attributes to build your ideal player, including at least one man and at least one woman.
  • For example, budget permitting, you might choose Roger Federer’s serve, Andy Murray’s returns, Serena Williams’ power, Richard Gasquet’s net play and Maria Sharapova’s mental strength.

Points are awarded in five different categories, like Serve or Return. Players can participate in individual leagues in addition to the overall competition in which a grand prize of tickets to the 2015 Championships will be awarded. 

A nice idea by Wimbledon, taking advantage of the huge popularity of fantasy games, especially here in the states. 


YouTube is right in the thick of things too for Wimbledon. There is already a large selection of videos, from highlights to post-match interviews, to choose from, like this one:


Not to be left out is Google+. Utilizing the hashtag, #mywimbledon, Wimbledon has created an Events Page where fans can share their Wimbledon-related photos. Specifically, where fans are watching: 


So there you have it. A quick social media peek into The Championships. How it fares this week will be interesting as it will continue to compete with the World Cup. Unless there are huge upsets or marathon 5-setters, the fun really begins in the second week, right? 

Did I miss anything they’re doing? Let me know in the comments.


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