Tuesday Ten: Katie Cavender

Tuesday Ten 6-10-14

Tuesday Ten is a quick 10-minute chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports in: media/broadcasting, business/marketing, social media and more. On this episode of  Tuesday Ten, I was joined by Katie Cavender, Assistant Commissioner – Strategic Communications with the Mountain West Conference.

Katie is a bright and shining star in the world of college sports and social media. It can be a challenge to get the word out about a sports conference of the Mountain West’s size in the current media landscape. But, Katie and her team have shown how resourceful and creative they can be utilizing the social and digital media tools available today. 


  • :58 – Intro to Katie Cavender
  • 2:54 – From journalism to digital/social media? How does that work?
  • 5:23 – So many social platforms. Which way does the Mountain West go?
  • 7:46 – Greatest successes in the Mountain West’s social/digital footprint (Screen sharing) and accolades for their work
  • 11:42 – Lindy’s GIVEAWAY!!!


Many thanks to Katie for joining me on the show. Be sure to connect with Katie and the Mountain West Conference:


Mountain West Conference


Join me for the next Tuesday Ten, June 17, when I’ll be joined by sports business/revenue leader, Troy Kirby. Same time, same Chica-location on Google+.

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