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How many people are involved in a sports team?

Not in terms of the front office personnel, but the team itself. You have a coach, assistant coaches, trainers, scouts, and players. But, we can’t forget those who are behind the scenes. Players, coaches watch video of previous games or of their opponents, right?

The video folks are just as much a part of the team as anyone. Their job is to film, produce, edit, repackage or whatever else is needed to help the rest of the team prepare and do their job.

Funny thing about that. It works in the non-sports world too.


One of the shows I do on Google+ is The 1st and 60 Show. My co-host, Russell S Baxter, and I host a bi-weekly show on Google+ centered around the NFL. On our last show, one of the guests we had was 15-year-old, Emily Gruver, a sports blogger covering Philadelphia sports teams. 

Her story struck a chord with our audience. So much so that one of the many creative people I’ve come across on Google+ created this:

That is called “The Scott Treatment”. Scott Scowcroft edited this video and repurposed it. He has the ability to take one segment or several segments of a show, edit it and come up with The Scott Treatment. Not everyone has time to invest in a 45 minute-hour show like 1st and 60. But, with content like TST, it helps open the doors to new viewers and, maybe, potential partnerships (sponsors). For more information, check out

It takes a team effort to be successful both on and off the field (court, rink, pitch). In this social media-sports business, it takes people like Scott to be successful there too.

Thanks, Scott.


CadChica Sports

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