Tuesday Ten: John Martin

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Tuesday Ten is a quick 10-minute chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports. Last night, John M Martin joined the show.

John is one of the leaders in utilizing Google+ Communities in the sports landscape. With Communities in college basketball, college football, golf and one for the Kentucky fans with his Big Blue Nation Community, John has shown that Google+ can be a space for sports fans to talk sports.  


  • :52 – Quick intro to John Martin
  • 1:28 – What brought John to Google+?
  • 2:20 – The growth of sports on Google+
  • 3:39 – Keys to building a robust G+ Community
  • 5:14 – (Switching gears) Expectations for the Kentucky Wildcats going into the 2013-14 season
  • 6:52 – Ho hum, another top 5 recruiting class for Coach John Calipari
  • 7:50 – NBA Draft landing spots for Julius Randle, James Young
  • 8:47 – Of course I had to ask about the Arizona Wildcats, Arizona State Sun Devils potential draft picks

Earlier today, the conversation continued after the show on the Google+ Event page, here. A key point that John raised about Communities with respect to sports is below. The screenshot reflects the number of members in two of the sports Communities John is involved in. In addition, two of the recent Google+ Hangouts the College Basketball Community held had big numbers in terms of viewership.


Like John said, for a ghost town, “that’s a lot of ghosts”. 



Connect with John before, during and after the show:

Also, check out the Google+ Communities that John is involved with and might interest you.


Join me for the next Tuesday Ten, June 10, when I’ll be joined by the Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Communications for the Mountain West Conference, Katie Cavender. Same time, same Chica-location on Google+.

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