10 Best SM Posts of Darnell Dockett

NOTE: Because Darnell Dockett has been so “entertaining” on social media for several years, it is impossible to select the 10 best of all time. This list will be his 10 best of the past month only.

dockett90 on Instagram

Darnell Dockett. NFL star defensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals. Star on the field. And, star on Twitter.

Many came to know Dockett when he live-tweeted being pulled over by the police back in 2011. To have the presence of mind to go to Twitter immediately during that encounter showed how much Twitter was integrated into his daily life.

Three years ago.

If you didn’t know Dockett then, well, surely you heard of him after his flirtatious tweets at Katherine Webb, then-girlfriend, now fiancee, of former Alabama quarterback, A.J. McCarron. Tweets like this one:

What makes the Darnell Dockett (@ddockett) Twitter feed even more interesting is that I have a friend who has a similar Twitter handle. My friend, Derrick Docket, has the Twitter handle @ddocket. Over the years, fans have often dropped that second “t” and tweeted their displeasure at Derrick. Derrick has his “favorite” misdirected tweets on his website, d-two.net. Tweets like this one:

I spoke with Derrick about the mistaken identity on my Tuesday Ten Show last month (7:59-11:18 time frame). Derrick takes it all in stride and, in a way, has fun with Twitter, much like his counterpart, Darnell.

So, yes, the two D. Docket(t)s have fun on social media. Particularly Darnell. His thoughts, language, images border on the offensive. He is not for everyone. That social media “advice” that so many people believe in…think before you tweet…yeah, that’s not Darnell. What you see is what you get from him on social media.

Here is a sampling of some of his best posts/tweets from the past month:

10. He was paying attention during the NFL Draft (part 1).

9. The randomness of the tweets is a sight to behold sometimes.

8. When he’s watching tv, he does like so many others…he tweets.

7. Gotta let the fans know what you want on your birthday, right?

6. I can only imagine what those feet look like.

5. Paying attention to the NFL Draft (part 2).

4. Paying attention to the NFL Draft (part 3).

3. Keeping it real (?).

2. Okay, this was OVER a month ago, but it does show the compassionate side to Dockett.

1. No explanation needed. Sums it up.

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