Passion Drives Us

I understand this tweet.

As someone who works in media, I get how media has a different mindset than the fan. Cheering for a team, especially one that you cover, has always been, shall we say, frowned upon. No cheering in the press box. That mindset often carries over into writing or reporting.

Part of what drew us to working in sports media in the first place was our passion as sports fans. Growing up, we loved sports. We were fans. We immersed ourselves in every play, every official’s call, every stat, every game.  We were invested in our team. They became part of our identity.

And, yes, sometimes to the point of fanatical.

Perhaps that’s part of the charm of being a sports fan. As much as I dislike fans taking it too far, I understand the passion behind it. Our favorite teams become part of our lives, season in and season out.

© CadChica Sports

© CadChica Sports

Teams have our hearts. So much so that sometimes they can bring us to tears.

And to me, the right type of tears are a-okay.



FINAL THOUGHTS: I know that sentiment in the above tweet is shared by others in media. Once you start working in sports media, the “fan” in us begins to fade. We no longer get what it means to be a fan the longer we’re in it.

By that same token, most fans don’t understand what it means to work in the media. Travel tweets…no, travel-complaint tweets come to mind. Tweets like this, for example:

I don’t want to lose my affinity for “my” teams. But, I also need to view teams, games, athletes from a media perspective. It’s a delicate balance now that I’m in media. Passion is important to work in media. Passion is what drives fans to the point of tears.

Is passionate balance a thing?


CadChica Sports

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