Tuesday Ten: Clair Wyant


Tuesday Ten is a quick 10-minute chat that features interviews with not just leaders in sports but up-and-comers too. On Tuesday, I was joined by Clair Wyant and my guest co-host, Tariq Ahmad.

Clair is an Internet Marketing Specialist from Phoenix, AZ.

Clair has had a long-time interest in technology, and launched his first website in the mid-1990s. He got the social media bug after participating in tweetups in the Boston area after joining Twitter. He moved back to his home state of Arizona in 2011, and used the opportunity as a career change from finance to Internet marketing.

Clair is a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, University of Arizona.


Clair, Tariq and I had a good, quick discussion on sports-social media. Highlights, along with the video, are below.

  • :43 – A guest co-host? Intro to Tariq Ahmad
  • 2:31 – Intro to Clair Wyant
  • 3:58 – Clair shares his thoughts on which social media platform is underutilized in sports
  • 5:30 – Sports, social media and ROI
  • 8:26 – What Clair would like to see on NFL Draft night on social media
  • 10:26 – Patriots fan that Clair is…what will they do in the draft?

Join me next Tuesday, May 13th, when my guest will be author, radio host and sports journalist Russ Cohen. Oh yeah, there will be hockey talk.

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