Twitter Takeover with a Twist

In May of 2013, I wrote a piece on Twitter Takeovers. For those unfamiliar with them, Twitter Takeovers are when someone takes over another Twitter account for purposes of engagement. They can either be in Q&A form or provide live commentary during an event.

Twitter Takeovers are a normal, every day thing anymore. Well, to those who are immersed in social media for work, that’s how it feels. They are a great engagement concept to use with fans. Fans aren’t immersed in social media day in and day out, so they work. But, is there a way to change it up?

Takeover twist

The Chicago Bears’ Lance Briggs might have the answer.

 Yes, the former Arizona Wildcat and current Chicago Bear offered to take over a fan’s Twitter account. And that is a definite twist. Although only a simple retweet (RT) was required, people did their best to try and persuade Briggs to choose their account.




So who did Briggs wind up choosing? He had to have a little fun with people and milk it just a bit.

In the end, he went with this choice:

At last check of Briggs’ Twitter account, no date had been set. No matter when it happens, I think it’s a great twist on a now routine Twitter occurrence. Will other athletes follow his lead? It could be a great way to connect with, like in Briggs’ case, their past. And, in Briggs’ case, he’ll probably be reaching the younger generation. Great potential with this type of a twist.


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