Tuesday Ten: Derrick Docket

Tuesday Ten 4-8-14

Innovative. Creative. Learner. Genuine.

When I think of tonight’s Tuesday Ten guest, those are the words that come to mind. I first met Derrick Docket on Twitter. It wasn’t through a hashtag or a conference that we connected there. It was through a case of Twitter mistaken identity that I came to know @ddocket, not to be confused with @ddockett. More on that later.

Derrick is Assistant Commissioner for New Media with the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC). The conference boasts 10 schools in five states. Balancing the focus on the schools and the conference with various social media platforms, not to mention digital media ventures is a big undertaking. But, Derrick makes it look easy. 

Tonight, we discussed that mistaken identity, managing and finding balance with the MVC New Media area, mentors, WWE, digital/social media and much more. Time-stamp links provided. Or, watch the interview in its entirety, below.



  • 1:05Intro to Derrick Docket
  • 2:54Balancing responsibilities of social, digital media and marketing for a college sports conference: consistent message, branching out, innovation.
  • 5:13Being creative in adopting Google+ into the MVC strategy
  • 7:59Twitter mistaken identity
  • 11:33 Mentors and mentoring
  • 14:53Playing sports
  • 18:22His fandom – the teams he cheers for
  • 20:54Connect with Derrick and the MVC on social media

My thanks to Derrick Docket for joining me on tonight’s show. Please be sure to connect with Derrick and the Missouri Valley Conference on these channels:



  1. Twitter – @MVCsports, @ValleyHoops
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube

TUNE IN next week, April 15, when I’ll be joined by two members of the Digital/Social Media staff from the Tampa Bay Lightning, James Royer (Director) and Caity Kauffman (Manager), as they prepare for the NHL playoffs and the #QuestForTheCup.

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