Google Called – Let’s Do A Hangout

When Google comes calling, you answer.

Thursday night, I took part in a Google+ Hangout with two potential NFL Draft picks, Brandin Cooks (Oregon State) and Terrance Mitchell (Oregon). It was easy to see that the connection Cooks and Mitchell had with each other goes way back to their high school days. There was a respect and camaraderie despite their school rivalry in the Pac-12 Conference. We were able to touch on a variety of topics from their rivalry to NFL Draft prep to social media and more.

Below is the time stamp for our conversation (clickable links). Or, you can watch the entire video below as well.

  • 0:53Brandin and Terrance share their thoughts on the Oregon State-Oregon rivalry in the Civil War Game (CWG) and the Platypus Trophy.
  • 1:43Civil War Game atmosphere, crazy stunts
  • 2:58Trash talking during CWG – next level?
  • 4:08Cooks or Mitchell? Better trash talker? (Battling each other)
  • 5:21Cooks and Mitchell describe one another’s greatest strength
  • 6:42Discussing how their respective programs helped prepare them for the NFL
  • 9:18How they’ve been getting ready for the Combine, pro days, team workouts and the draft
  • 12:35What’s next?
  • 13:40NFL Draft Day threads
  • 15:37Their take on social media, the athlete-fan relationship and teaching others (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram)
  • 19:40Are they gamers? Silly question.
  • 22:01One question for each other.

My thanks to Google, Brandin Cooks, Terrance Mitchell and The Novo Agency for letting me be a part of this fun Hangout. I wish all the best to Brandin and Terrance as they pursue their NFL dreams. I’ll be looking for them on the field…and perhaps in some magazines too.


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