Welcome Back, MLB

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Welcome back, baseball.


Many a tweet contained those exact words yesterday and today. No, we’re not considering the Diamondbacks-Dodgers Austrailian series here.

Major League Baseball begins its season in earnest today. Nearly every team will be in action today after the stateside opener last night between the Dodgers-Padres. For me, it’s all about this:

For the first time in 2014, #HappyFelixDay!

A post shared by Seattle Mariners (@mariners) on

Despite the turmoil off-the-field in the front office the last several years, I’m still a Seattle Mariners fan. Star pitcher, Felix Hernandez, starts for the Mariners today. A Hernandez start means another welcome back of sorts: #HappyFelixDay.

Hey, when you’re a Mariners fan, it’s the little pleasures…


Whether it’s a simple hashtag on Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook or a reply, social media is very integral to teams and MLB in their connection with fans. A crucial time of connection is always at the start of a season. Every team has a chance. Optimism is at its peak. No better time than the present for the league and teams to connect. Connecting like the Chicago White Sox did with this is a good place to start.


Even better? A crowd-sourcing “campaign” – asking for fan content is usually a sure-fire way to make a connection. Not unique to any one team, this appears to be a league mandated campaign:



Teams that aren’t in action today are using social media to help build the anticipation:

Go to sleep happy tonight, #Yankees fans. Tomorrow, it begins.

A post shared by New York Yankees (@yankees) on


Today’s season opener also happen to fall on a work day for many fans. No problem say the Rays:


Good to see teams taking advantage of the new Twitter update allowing for multiple photos in a tweet:


And, the season opener brings us back to a popular way to share behind-the-scenes content from all sports teams. The Vine:



One return I am happy to see is the return of the #Whiff hashtag:

In that clickable link in the tweet, the Milwaukee Brewers announced the return of the #Whiff campaign to Major League Baseball. According to this Brand Channel 2013 article, the #Whiff campaign “…P&G will give $1 for each strikeout (whiff) to Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program, leveraging social media to give the MLB club whose fans rack up the most #Whiff tweets monthly an additional $10,000 for local chapters”.That program will continue, with a bit extra for 2014.


So, yes…welcome back, MLB. If this ball girl snag is any indication, can’t wait to see what other “Web Gems” show up this season:


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