When Porcelain Does You In

The weekend of madness was coming to an end. My Sunday was set up perfectly to enjoy the sunshine early, soccer (El Clasico) and hoops (March Madness) later in the day. I did just that. Or, at least, I endeavored to. Then this thing came along:


Porcelain became my friend yesterday and this morning. You know how it goes: weariness, pain, nausea, fetal position and then finally, the kneeling position. Soccer and hoops became a distant memory in the swirling dervish of my new location.

My best intentions also included writing something about the tournament, sports and social media – particularly schools’ use of their YouTube channels. Yeah, not happening. Instead, I went back to find a few favorite images and videos from the past weekend.

Okay, maybe one isn’t a favorite. It’s more…painful. I’ll let you figure out which one it is.








Did I miss your favorite? Share your favorites with me from the March Madness weekend.

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