It’s About Community

It’s about Community

Recently, I started a Google+ Hangout show with my friend, Russell S. Baxter. Google+ is a still untapped social media resource in the sports world. Two key aspects of Google+ make it inviting to me, from a sports fan perspective: Hangouts and Communities.

Hangout Video Calls enable anyone to connect with anyone around the world. It differs from Skype in that Google+ allows you to talk with up to 10 people for free through Video Calls. Hangouts On Air enables you (yes, you) to host your own show via a YouTube account. In my case, it takes social media to a different level. 

For me, whether it has been through Twitter, my blog or whatever, it always comes down to having a voice. I want a voice in the sports conversation. A thoughtful, reasoned fan’s voice. Before social media, that was hard to do. I’m sure other fans feel that same way. They don’t want to hear the ranting, raving fanatic all the time. 

Twitter gave rise to my voice first. Then my blog. And now, Google+. But, there’s much more to what I want to do. I don’t want to just be heard.  Others  do too. Not just on Twitter or a blog, but in video form. 

There are plenty of outlets talking NFL football. How many, though, truly give voice to a fan? Not many. Russell and I aim to change that:


FINAL THOUGHT: Whether it’s football, college basketball, photography, food, (your city’s name here), (your country’s name here) or whatever, there is a Community out there for you. If not, then create one. That’s the beauty of it. I have interests other than sports. It’s hard to connect with others on Twitter like that when so much of my work time is spent on that platform. I don’t have to be just a sports person on there even though that’s my main focus. I’ve connected with some outstanding photographers, chefs, marketers and even folks from Italy and England. And get this…I’ve actually talked with them face-to-face, via video. It’s not an IRL (in-real-life) meeting, but it’s close enough. 

Football fans like to connect with other football fans. Dissect the games, talk trash, discuss rumors – football fans like to talk football. Through what Russ and I are doing, we’re hoping to take the football fan-to-fan relationship to another level on Google+. 


CadChica Sports

Google+ Hangouts are only going to grow in 2014. Learn from the Master, Ronnie Bincer, and his Hangout Mastery group – join through my affiliate link.

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