Tuesday Ten: Tom Buchheim

“There’s an importance and emphasis around the data that’s happening around social media.”  -Tom Buchheim



Have you ever seen those letters on Twitter and wonder what they mean? IRL, no not the Indy Racing League, stands for “in real life”. In the virtual world of social media, we can connect with people all across the world through a single tweet or post. Even if we may never meet them face-to-face, there is still a way to make it a more genuine connection.

Through google+ Hangouts.

One of the people I wanted to have on my Tuesday Ten (Google+) show since I started is Tom Buchheim. Tom brings intelligence and vision to the sports-social media conversation that I admire. He has a way of looking at the big picture and bringing to a point of understanding. His experience in social media, public relations and broadcasting shine on Twitter and on my show.

And, even though he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (watch the video), I was happy to have him on my show to share his insight, like the above quote, from the conference put on by Q1 Productions.

My thanks to Tom Buchheim for joining me on the show. Please connect with Tom online on:

Be sure to check out his Fourth and 140 blog to read Tom’s recap of the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference we mention on the show:

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Thank you to Q1 Productions for including CadChica Sports as a media partner for the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference. It was a unique opportunity for me. Their interest in CadChica Sports was the final impetus for me to start my Tuesday Ten show.  I look forward to hopefully working with them again soon.

Tune in next week when my Tuesday Ten guest will be, Mark J Burns. More details here.

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CadChica Sports

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