Tuesday Ten: Tariq Ahmad

“Facebook should not be underestimated due to the vast audience and volume of the user base.” -Tariq Ahmad

How much content?

How much content can one fit into a 10-minute chat? When you’re chatting with a friend whom you respect and admire, it can go one of two ways. You can talk about one subject for the entire 10 minutes. Or, discussion flows so much that a multitude of topics are covered in a short time.

Last night’s Tuesday Ten show fell in the latter.

Tariq Ahmad is someone who has become a friend through social media. We “met” through Twitter, but it’s been through Google+ Hangouts that we’ve made an “in real life” connection. As creator of the hashtag, Tariq is someone whose perspective in sports social media I’ve grown to value and respect.

That’s why Tariq will be a recurring guest on Tuesday Ten. Every couple of months, Tariq will join the show. We’ll recap what’s transpired in the sports social media world we live in. Last night, he made his second appearance on the show and we covered a variety of topics highlighted by my out-of-character WWE-style introduction.

All in just a short 10 minutes.


My thanks to Tariq Ahmad for joining me on last night’s show. Tune in next week, March 11th at 5 pm PT, when I’ll be joined by Tom Buchheim, Social Media Administrator for American Family Insurance. We’ll discuss the recently completed, Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference, hosted by Q1 Productions.

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