Tuesday Ten: Jeramie McPeek

I was born in Oakland, California. I like to say I came out of the womb, not crying, but cheering for the “RAI-DERRRRRRRS”. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona before I turned a year old. So, as much as I remember being an Oakland Raiders fan, I also remember cheering for a team just down the road from me – the Phoenix Suns. The Suns were my team. A local, professional team in my neighborhood – they helped me become a sports fan.

Now that I’m all grown up, I still remember those Phoenix Suns days fondly. Phoenix is still a part of me. Thankfully, through the beauty of social media, I can connect with people who have that shared background as a Suns fan despite living in the Pacific Northwest. Today, I did just that.

Few people in the sports-social (digital) media business are as respected and admired as my latest #TuesdayTen guest. Jeramie McPeek, Vice President, Digital of the Phoenix Suns joined me on today’s episode. Jeramie and his team are leaders in the digital sports space. We discussed the innovations the Suns have used with great success, deciding on which social media platforms to be present on and more. Paraphrasing one of the key statements Jeramie made (on choosing a social media platform), ‘What’s really most important to us are the ones (social media platforms) we can connect with fans the most, where they’re going to be, where they’re going to enjoy the content.’

Hear more from him below:

My thanks to Jeramie McPeek for joining me on the show. Thank you to Q1 Productions for partnering with CadChica Sports for the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference. Follow Jeramie and Q1 Productions on Twitter:

Connect with the Phoenix Suns on these platforms:

Further details on the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference agenda and speakers can be found here.

If you are a CadChica Sports reader, you’re eligible to receive $100 off of your conference registration fee. If you have any registration questions, send an email to sports@q1productions.com and include the discount code CADC.

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