Tuesday Ten: Jaime Carlin from Texas Motor Speedway

The show is Tuesday Ten.

Ten for ten minutes.

Late in the day (5 pm PT/8 pm ET), most of my guests are either heading home or on their way to there. I want to be respectful of their time so I try to keep the question-and-answer portion at exactly ten minutes. Sometimes, my guests have so much knowledge and insight that I want to keep listening.

And listening.

And listening. 

In the latest episode, Jaime Carlin from Texas Motor Speedway fit that description to a “T”.

When it comes to marketing, I come from a consumer point-of-view (POV). With social media, I’m learning more about it from a marketer’s POV. Not so much selling. But rather, telling a story through facts, data, personalization and engagement.

Utilizing those traits, Jaime and her team at Texas Motor Speedway have done a fantastic job of telling their story. They know who they are in the racing world. And, they marry that with their local identity, too. It requires balance and that’s some of what Jaime will share at the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference (see details after the video). 

Hear more from Jaime in the video below:  

My thanks to Jaime Carlin and Q1 Productions for making this interview happen. Follow Jaime and Q1 on Twitter:

Connect with Texas Motor Speedway on these platforms:

Further details on the Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference agenda and speakers, including keynote speakers, Jeramie McPeek (Phoenix Suns) and Greg Cosell (NFL Films), can be found here.

If you are a CadChica Sports reader, you’re eligible to receive $100 off of your conference registration fee. If you have any registration questions, send an email to sports@q1productions.com and include the discount code CADC.

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