Benefits of Google+

I’m starting to fall in love.

With a social media platform…

other than Twitter.

I know, I know. Those who know me, know that Twitter and I have had a thing going for over four years now. Despite the early struggles of fail whale, Twitter has been my go-to, faithful platform. But, as its popularity has grown and others have moved in on our relationship, I find myself drowned out by the others.


Alright, I can’t keep a straight face typing that drivel. 

All kidding aside – yes, I love Twitter. It is the best platform around for sports, sports-social media talk. Don’t even try to argue Facebook is because that’s not where those in the know (i.e. media, school/team personnel) are posting. They post on Twitter. But, that also means Twitter gets noisy.

Perhaps it’s because of that noisiness over the past several months that I’ve been venturing more into Google+. It has some level of “noise” but not about sports. There’s photography, food, tech, marketing talk and more that takes place on a daily basis. It’s easier to control the noise. There’s a more community feel to it. Kind of how like Twitter used to be.

Take for instance the above images. I did not create them. A gentleman named Mervik Haums created those images, along with multiple other characters. And you know what? He gave them away for free.


Free. You can see his G+ post on the characters here.

Who does that kind of stuff? I don’t see that often on Twitter. Well, unless you count advice or 140-character mini-blogs given for free on a daily basis. But, these aren’t just words that are free – these are Mervik’s creations that are Royalty Free. Seriously! He has more about the “royalty free” part in this early February post.

On any given day, there’s either a post or a Google+ Hangout where information is freely dispensed. It’s incredible how much and how quickly you learn by engaging on Google+. Through just the Hangouts (which I often listen to while I’m working), I feel like I know people better there I do on Twitter. That familiarity opens up a comfort level with them to where you’re willing to ask questions.  And they’re willing to do things like Mervik did.

Why am I saying all of this? So you’ll be willing to step outside of your Twitter comfort zone and give Google+ a try. There are so many new ways that Google+ can benefit the sports world. Just like you made an investment on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, Google+ will require investment of time too. Connect with people beyond your normal daily routine. Talk, not tweet, with people in Ireland or India or Brazil. Exchange ideas in a Community. Or even share something you created like Mervik did.

If you’re feeling like your voice isn’t being heard on Twitter, come over to the Google side. Give it a try. Engage. Circle people. Join a Community that shares your interests. Join a Hangout. Start your own Hangout. Try it.

You just might like it.


CadChica Sports

~~~ Please be sure to visit Mervik’s website, or his Google+ page  ~~~

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