#SportsDoingGood: 2/6/14

The hustle and bustle of the holidays have long since passed. NFL and college football are in what used to be called the “off-season”. With the Winter Olympics in Sochi on the way, it’s the perfect time to get back to writing about something I love.

The good in sports.

If you’re new to CadChica Sports, I started a Twitter project called #SportsDoingGood. Whether we like it or not, the negative in sports drives conversation and views. Even in social media, the arrests, the controversies trend more often than not. #SportsDoingGood is my small way of trying to bring attention to and get people to share the good that’s being done in sports. Now, although it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything, it’s never far from my mind. Positive stories need to be at the forefront, not the negative. But, it’s up to us to choose them.

And share them.


Super Bowl week is a whirlwind of activities. Hidden in the forest of story lines are activities that don’t get the attention they deserve, like this one:


Fans show their passion for their teams on game days. Rivalries ignite even deeper passions. However, when it comes to helping out kids, allegiances be damned:

For more on this fundraising effort, read this story from Puget Sound Blogs.


There is no off-season for doing good. When it comes to kids, more power to athletes like the Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill and his wife for meeting with kids like in this picture below:


The holidays are a perfect time for teams to give back to their communities. Although you’d expect most teams to give before the holidays, the Columbus Crew go beyond that by running their fundraiser the entire month of December. Giving opportunities are available year-round right?


The Winter Olympics begin this week. Although Olympic athletes sometimes struggle for funds, it’s nice to see them give back. Team USA Women’s Hockey is giving back to local hockey groups across the country with new equipment (click link to see more):


Since we’re discussing hockey, I absolutely have to bring this next story into the conversation.

If you didn’t happen to see the hashtag #BellLetsTalk trending last week, then you probably don’t follow me on Twitter (which you should, by the way). I tried to retweet as much as I could for this important topic: mental health.

Depression can affect even seemingly happy people. Happy exteriors deceive even those closest to ones who are dealing with mental issues. Some may not even know what they’re dealing with…they just know something’s not right. But, they can’t always verbalize it. Talking about it futile if they don’t know there is an “it” to begin with. That’s why the #BellLetsTalk hashtag was an important social media project by Bell (Canada) — [story from CBC TV].

If you follow any sports on social media, you’ve heard/read stories about athletes who face mental hurdles, post-career. Some even during their playing career.


SPORTS DOING GOOD EXTRAS – A few extra stories that are well worth the click, share or read:


Minnesota Timberwolves   Google    C.H. Robinson teamed with the FastBreak Foundation in…





In case you didn’t know, Larry Fitzgerald is more than just a football player MSNBC.com


The My Wish stories from ESPN tend to go right to your heart like this one on a Seahawks wish — seems appropriate after their Super Bowl win this past weekend: ESPN.com Video


Entire #SportsDoingGood Series:

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