Teammances of the NHL

Now that football is over, time to turn our attention to hockey. However, there isn’t much time to do that now is there? The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia is about to begin with National Hockey League players heading to the games while the NHL takes a break.

We’ll still get our fix of hockey. But, will we still get our fix of teammances?

Teammance? Think the word “romance” between teams. You know, like bro-mance, when a guy has a guy crush on another guy. But, in this case it’s between teams. NHL teams to be specific. 

I first noticed this last year on the Twitter accounts of two of the original six: Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings. I’m sure it had been brewing even before this, but it didn’t use the phrase “teammance” before. Started by the Canadiens

Teammance 2

and continued by the Red Wings:

Mixing in humor, especially at this level, gives life and personality to team accounts. Whether it’s play-by-play, team information or just fun like this, the Red Wings and Canadiens show how to run a Twitter account the right way and give fans what they want.

More on the Canadiens-Red Wings teammance, go to this story on the Canadiens website.



there is another teammance in the NHL that has other team’s fans longing for one of their own. I’m talking none other than the Columbus Blue Jackets and Los Angeles Kings.

Documented last year by Yahoo! Sports’ Greg Wyshinski in this April story, the Kings and Blue Jackets take the “bromance/teammance” to a whole new level:




The Kings have been known for their, dare I say, social media prowess. Flirting with the edge, the Kings bring a humor and fun that many fans would like to see from their own team.


Not to be outdone by the edgy, flirty humor, the Blue Jackets are not afraid to take a dig every once in awhile at a certain network:

As others have documented, ESPN’s coverage (or alleged lack thereof) of NHL highlights on Sportscenter is a bone of contention for many NHL teams. One only need look at the infamous San Jose Sharks tweet-reply during #Sharknado talk last year:

NHL teams do have a sense of humor don’t they? And manners. The Blue Jackets were sure to thank ESPN last night for their coverage — I wonder if it had anything to do with their Super Bowl day tweet?


So other NHL teams and other leagues take note. You can add some fun and humor to your Twitter accounts, either with fans…or with another team. Spread a little love and romance, err, teammance.

Everybody’s happy! Right, LA Kings?


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