Tuesday Ten with Jimmy Sanderson

Sports encompasses a variety of dynamics. There is the actual athletic endeavor on the playing surface. There are the athletes, coaches, leagues and teams. Add in media, business and marketing, sponsors, social media and you’re talking about a wide-range of elements all under the “sports” umbrella. 

One that I didn’t mention is the world of academics. With the growth of Twitter and other platforms, social media has become very much a part of sports, leaving plenty of material for researchers to study. One of those leading the way in academics, utilizing social media, was my guest on tonight’s #TuesdayTen Google+ Hangout, Dr. Jimmy Sanderson, from Clemson University.

Dr. Sanderson and I discussed how he incorporates social media in his classroom and the discussions they have, including today’s topic, the Seattle Seahawks’, Richard Sherman. Watch:


CadChica Sports

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