#DSFE14: CadChica Sports Signs Media Partnership with Q1 Productions

“Women speak because they wish to speak, whereas a man speaks only when driven to speak by something outside himself — like, for instance, he can’t find any clean socks.” -Jean Kerr

When I started this blog in 2011, I did it so I could have a voice in sports – like Jean Kerr said above, I “wish to speak”. Although my blog has evolved into covering more of the social media side of sports, it’s remained true to its core of being my voice in sports. I wanted to bring a knowledgeable, reasoned fan’s voice to the sports conversation. I think in the 2+ years of writing about social media and sports (#SMsports), I’ve done that.
Q1 Sports  Q1Sports  on Twitter
   That’s why I’m excited to announce that CadChica Sports is moving to the next level by becoming a media partner for  Q1 Production’s Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference (#DSFE14). The conference will bring together innovators and leaders from across the world of sports in digital, business, team organizations, media, social media and more. 

   If you’re a CadChica Sports reader, you’re eligible to receive $100 off of your conference registration fee. If you have any registration questions, send an email to sports@q1productions.com and include the discount code CADC.

 Further details on the conference agenda and speakers, including keynote speakers, Jeramie McPeek (Phoenix Suns) and Greg Cosell (NFL Films), can be found here

Leading up to the conference, I will host several Google+ Hangouts with some of the speakers in my #TuesdayTen with CadChica Sports. You’ll hear just a sampling of what they will be discussing at this fantastic conference. I will share Hangout information both on my Google+ page and on Twitter, @CadChica. (#TuesdayTen is a quick 10-minute chat with leaders and up-and-comers in the world of sports in media, business, social media and more).

You can also subscribe to this blog on the right hand side to keep up to date on my latest posts.

Thank you to Q1 Productions and to you. 2014 is shaping up to be a great year.



Nathalie Davis
Production Manager
Q1 Productions

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