Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports


On my list of professional goals for 2014, my #2 goal was to start a Vlog (video blog) or Google+ Hangout. Goals, for me, can sometimes go the way of my predictions. 

Doomed to fail. 

Thankfully, putting those goals down in my blog forces the perfectionist in me to actually achieve them. Starting today, I am putting my best foot forward and trying to make #2 a reality with the debut of Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports – (Tuesday Ten is a quick Google+ Hangout chat talking social media-sports or sports biz with leaders in those industries. #SMsports #SportsBiz)

My thanks to Tariq Ahmad for being my first guest. I have not decided whether this will be a weekly thing or not. Ideally, it needs to be. Much will depend on finding guests to carve out 15 minutes out of their Tuesday evening. With practice, I’m sure I won’t look as foolish as I felt in the first episode. We’re our own worst critics sometimes, but that can force us to improve our efforts, right? 


CadChica Sports


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