BCS Championship: What I’m Watching For…Socially

As ESPN shared above (on Facebook), tonight is the night. The night we find out who is the best team in college football. Who will it be: Auburn Tigers or Florida State Seminoles?

As someone who has no rooting interest, I simply root for a good game. In the past week, we’ve seen some high quality football (high scoring) in both college and the NFL. That said, I’ll be watching for what goes on off the field. I want to see what the teams do socially.

Over the weekend, I tried to watch what teams at both levels were doing from a social media standpoint. Sunday, I had more time to devote to seeing what NFL teams did on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ than I did on Saturday.Turns out I wasn’t the only one.

From a content perspective, Twitter, as we all know, is king on game days. Even when a team isn’t playing, it’s good to share content that fans love. When it’s a homecoming after a big playoff win, even better.

But, there are things teams can do on game day that are platform-specific to provide to fans. While the San Francisco 49ers had more content on Instagram, I like that the Green Bay Packers had both photos and (at least one) video on their page (first seven images below).

packers on Instagram

Like Stephen noted above, the Bengals did not take advantage of their time in the spotlight by only adding one photo on Instagram. The San Diego Chargers provided four – all in-game updates after each quarter. Not overly impressive to me.

As for Facebook, a few posts by each team here and there was the standard. Posts like this one:

Simple and effective to the tune of 13k likes. Only 26 shares, but still decent enough content.

I included Google+ in my observations for two reasons. One, I expect that platform to grow this year so it’s important for me to understand how it’s being used in sports. Social media is more than just Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Google+ is very much in the conversation. From my time on there, I’ve been relatively disappointed. What I see on Google+ is often what I see on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Exhibit A from the 49ers: 


49ers G+




Harbaugh: "He's Kaepernick tough." #QuestForSix

A post shared by San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) on

I think I’d almost prefer what the Bengals have done which is not use Google+ since February 2012 than see the same post on all platforms. Every so often is fine, but not every post.   


What will we see tonight in terms of social? Will the Auburn and Florida State see the type of engagement that Oklahoma did for the Sugar Bowl? Check these numbers out provided by Andrew Lentz, Assistant Director of Digital Media for the Sooner Athletic Department. I tweeted a question, he answered:

Both schools have shared a great deal on their social media platforms leading up to the game. Today, however, only one post by each on Instagram as of post time. No posts on FSU football’s Facebook page (there is on their Athletic Department’s page), while Auburn football has been fairly active today. [Added: Just noticed this Google+ post by Florida State Athletics for a G+ Hangout on Saturday. Nicely done.]

You can access all of Auburn and FSU’s social media connection through their website links:

Florida Statehttp://www.seminoles.com/multimedia/socialmedia.html


Their football teams will leave it all out on the field. Will their social media teams do the same? Good luck to both and here’s hoping for a great game on and off the field.


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