Your Story: #SeizeTheMoment

IMG_9273They say every picture tells a story. In the picture above, it looks like Towson’s quarterback has a clear path to the end-zone, right? Hold that thought.

IMG_9279A few frames later and you can see the actual result of the play. Towson State was stopped short of the goal by Eastern Washington’s defense. No touchdown. They would go on to score a touchdown on this drive, but the point of telling a story got me thinking…


I typed this out in a tweet earlier today:

We all tell our story with the choices we make each and every day. What story will you “write” in 2014? #SeizeTheMoment 

I meant it to be an inspirational quote to the youngsters on my Twitter feed — anyone who is younger than me (no, I’m not telling you my age) is a youngster. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized it needs to go beyond 140 characters.

Over the past year, I’ve had people reach out to me for advice, direction, inspiration or as a sounding board. Surprising to me, to say the least. But, they were who I was thinking of this morning with that quote. 

The new year brings resolution-making time for many. It also allows us to look back at the year just ended. Review the good and the bad, hits and misses and the beginning and end of another story in our lives. 

Every choice we made last year was part of our 2013 story. Where to live, what job to take, to pull or not pull the trigger on that big idea we had, what story to write, what class to take, what friendships to have or not have, words we spoke, meetings or conferences we missed, interactions with family members, what people to follow/unfollow on social media and even what things to share on social media. You get the idea. 

2014 brings a fresh start to both personal and professional goals. It provides an opportunity to choose which direction your story will take in the new year. That job you wanted last year? Aim for it again or, even better, aim for a new one. Didn’t make that conference last year? Plan now to go this year. 

New opportunities, new friendships, new connections all await. New moments to add to your 2014 story. Don’t let the choices made in 2013 stop you from making 2014 goals. Your story has yet to unfold. What story will you write? 

#SeizeTheMoment every single day.


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