#SportsDoingGood: 11/27/13

Abundance is a good thing. Having an abundance of #SportsDoingGood stories, that is a very good thing.

In putting together my most recent #SportsDoingGood post, I found enough stories to put two posts together. There will never be a shortage of negative sports-related stories dominating the sports media landscape. The positive stories, unfortunately, get pushed aside while everyone opines about the negative ones. That’s the impetus behind #SportsDoingGood. I want to highlight the good and hopefully others do too.

Leading us off today is NBA star, Pau Gasol:

When I saw this tweet, I was putting together my last #SportsDoingGood post. I can appreciate when athletes add extra meaning to their games. Yes, there is the desire to win, but those “extra meaningful” games, whether it’s for a loved one, or in this case, relief efforts, can bring out some special performances. Why the Philippines though?

How did Gasol do?


I’ve been noticing a number of football players with tweets containing the Twitter handle, @CPFSOfficial.

Curious as I am, I decided to look more into what this group does.

CPFS OfficialAccording to their website, cellphonesforsoldiers.com, “Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active duty military members and veterans.”

Digging a bit deeper, there are other sports working with CPFS too. Hockey, baseball and even poker too. (No, we’re not discussing whether poker is a sport or not in this post.)

If you hear that the CPFS program will be at the sporting event you’re going to, see if you can’t help be a difference maker  in a military family’s life.


#GivingTuesdayThrough this #SportsDoingGood project, I was introduced to the Twitter account, @sportsandchange. @LatinoSportsGuy introduced me to this group and I love what they are doing. According to their website, “Our mission is to provide access to information, resources and opportunities for those seeking connections with social change and cause-related organizations in the global sports community.”

One thing that Sports and Change is doing has really piqued my interest for this holiday season:


With the holiday season upon us, you might be looking for ways to give back this year. #GivingTuesday is coming up next Tuesday, December 3rd. Many opportunities are available for you to help others through this program. For those wanting to give with a sports twist, find out how through Sports and Social Change and the #GiveAnAssist program, here.


#SportsDoingGood Tidbits

  • Recycle. Get tickets. Nice promotion from the Anaheim Ducks.

Ducks G+ post*

  • Illinois’ Orange Krush Foundation: Team makes threes. Help the community.
  • Manchester United and UNICEF. Why they do what they do.
  • “Baseball in Dube Bute”
  • Precious pictures telling a story.


Entire #SportsDoingGood Series:


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