#SportsDoingGood: 11/21/13

Maybe together we can do our own good.”


The quote above tells the story of my little Twitter project.

Twitter project?

Yes, Twitter project.

Quick summary: As someone who is shoulder-deep in sports and Twitter, I am exposed to the negative side of social media on a near-daily basis. It often reigns supreme. The good side of sports can get lost in the shuffle. So, I decided the good needs to be exposed more to the masses and thus, #SportsDoingGood was born.  

Utilizing my volume of Twitter lists, those I’m following and my followers, I try to bring the good through these posts. Today, the stories come from my curation as well as Twitter friends, @XFINITYSports, @JoshParcell@BobMcKamey and @EricSan. Hope you enjoy reading them. At the bottom of the post are the previous posts in this series. Share the stories, tell me ones you know of for my next post, and spread the word about #SportsDoingGood.

Maybe together we can do our own good.


Before the current crop of #SportsDoingGood stories, I wanted to include this tweet I came across from Timbers Army. As a Seattle Sounders fan it probably doesn’t make sense for me to celebrate anything the Timbers do, right? Wrong. When it comes to doing good for kids, I’ll celebrate that over my fandom any day of the week.


Hockey players and beards just seem to go together. But, as November draws near, many go beardless on the 1st to participate in #Movember or No Shave November. That wasn’t quite the case for the San Jose Sharks’ Brent Burns though.

The before and after photos are striking aren’t they? All of that hair turned into a $24,201 fund raiser for two programs that mean a great deal to Burns and his family. All money raised went to the Katie Moore Foundation and Defending the Blue Line. According to this article from the Sharks, money was raised through fan donations (fans would receive a Burns signed before/after photo, plus a special perk for top donor).


I can vaguely (cough, cough) remember those Dick Tomey coached Arizona teams from way back when. That Desert Swarm defense was fun to watch (or…so I’ve heard). One thing you knew was that Tomey’s players enjoyed playing for him (or…so I’ve read). They support him. You’ll see the support and the cause by clicking the link in that tweet and how it helps out former Wildcat, Donnie Salum, who is battling a rare brain tumor.


#SportsDoingGood Tidbits

–Teams of Buffalo giving back this holiday season

Bills meals


At any given time this season, you can see NFL teams sharing photos of how their players are involved in their community whether it’s at a school 

or online.


NASCAR fans are a passionate bunch. Their media guys are knowledgeable and just as passionate. They understand their fans and are some of the most engaging media members I’ve witnessed on Twitter. The long, grueling season ended this weekend, but that didn’t stop Dustin Long from engaging his followers with this gem. Nice to see this genuine engagement even if some of the replies made me laugh.

Dustin Long replies


I asked my Twitter followers for their input before writing this post. My Twitter friends I mentioned earlier shared these tweets with me, starting off with the XFINITY Sports Guy, Vance McCullough (click the links in his tweets for more information).


A double-dose of suggestions from my friend, Eric SanInocencio in this tweet.

The first one centers around what San Francisco did for a special little boy through the Make-A-Wish foundation (click the picture in the Facebook post below to watch the video from the San Francisco Giants):

The second one is “My Wish”. As their website states below, “ESPN’s “My Wish” series chronicles sports-themed wishes granted to children with life-threatening medical conditions.”

ESPN My Wish

Stories like this one:


The #SportsDoingGood series is not just limited to professional and college sports. High school teams step up when needed most like Illinois’ Sacred Heart-Griffin High School mentioned in Bob McKamey’s tweet below (click link in tweet for more) and from their Facebook page.

SHG Facebook post


I shouldn’t call any of these my favorite, but as I’ve written before, when it comes to doing something for kids, especially those who have so little, I am hooked. As long as there are children in this world sold into slavery, performing forced labor or in the military/guerilla groups, or in the case below, simply going hungry, it is one child too many. Thanks to my friend Josh for sharing this with me. And, to Justin Masterson for giving (click story link in tweet).


Entire #SportsDoingGood Series:


CadChica Sports

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