#SportsDoingGood: NHL

This is the tenth installment in my ongoing #SportsDoingGood series highlighting the good being done in and through sports.


The beauty of Twitter lists is recognizing emerging sports conversations or trends. One such list that I’ve been watching lately is my NHL Teams list. With the NHL season well underway, I’ve tried to watch how teams are utilizing their Twitter accounts. Many us it to provide game details, both live-tweeting and pre-/post-game information. But, teams are going beyond just that type of standard Twitter-fare.

The above tweet was recently retweeted (RTd) by the Edmonton Oilers Twitter account, @EdmontonOilers. It’s an example of a trend that I’ve noticed: team accounts retweeting their team foundation accounts.

Team foundation Twitter accounts? That’s relatively new to me. I like it.

There is more to a team than what happens on the playing surface or in front office transactions. Community involvement is vital to any team’s relationship with their fans. Social media can provide teams with an opportunity to spread the word of how they are active in their community. Foundation-specific Twitter accounts are a great tool to do that.

According to NHL Communications, all NHL teams have charitable foundations. Not all have social media accounts, however. There are ‘approximately 18 with Facebook accounts, 14 Twitter and 8 Instagram’. These team foundations are using social media  to “promote upcoming events, auctions, fund-raising and to recap previous community events through stories, photos”. 

One foundation account that is often RTd by their team Twitter account is the one from the Columbus Blue Jackets.


The league itself sets the tone for charitable and community involvement. Not only does the league share what their teams and players are doing, but it leads the way in getting involved.

NHL Facebook Cover Photo_DayOf

NHL Spirit Day Facebook cover courtesy of NHL Communications

Last month, the league was part of the #SpiritDay campaign to help stop bullying. In addition, the league and its teams were very active in the #HockeyFightsCancer campaign on social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest (pictures below provided by NHL Communications).

HFC Tweet HFC_Awareness Calendar

It’s not just in-season they get involved. They are active year round. Various players/teams hold hockey clinics, make school appearances, host various charity golf outings, and more (via NHL Communications)

Off season Tweet Example 3 Off season_Tweet Example 2Since we are in November, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention #Movember. Every year, the NHL is a very active participant in the Movember movement. Players grow shave either on October 31 or November 1 and grow their mustaches throughout the month. People can donate money in support of their favorite player/team to support prostate cancer research.

The NHL takes it a step further by encouraging their fans to get involved too.

Great engagement. Great involvement. Well done, NHL. 

Learn more about NHL teams’ respective charitable foundations via NHL Communications: Team Foundations 2013-14




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