Not My Thing

“It’s CAPTAIN. CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.”

Another movie night with my son has come and gone. He is the youngest of my three and so vastly different from me. He’s 12 years-old but he’s a young 12. He loves video games, cartoons, Legos and movies. Sports and social media are not his thing.

When I was working two sports/social media jobs, I was around home but, not really home. After my jobs ended, I worked even harder to show some employer out there how good I could be in sports-social media coverage. I’d like to say work does that to you but I lean heavily toward the workaholic side. 

Something triggered me to change things up the last few weeks. The past few weekends, my social media time has been cut back. Dramatically. I used to be always “on”. Now, I pick and choose my time wisely. Probably not ideal when you’re trying to impress potential employers but, severing the connection is healthy mentally and family wise too.

Should I be writing more? Probably. If I were a young 20-something trying to break into the business, there’s no question that I would be. That’s not who I am. Am I cutting my chances of getting hired by someone to do this sports-social media thing? Yes. But, I can live with that if I’m making memories with my son.

And so, it’s been a time of watching and re-watching movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters vs Aliens. My next goal is to build a Lego city with my son.

But, Legos really aren’t my thing.


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