RIP: Wally Bell

When a sports figure or their family member dies, the sports world reacts quickly on Twitter. Depending on how well-known that person was, tweets can range from ‘thoughts and prayers’ to some more meaningful. The sudden death of Major League Baseball umpire, Wally Bell, yesterday, generated both.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Wally Bell isn’t a household name. Diehard baseball fans know Wally Bell. But, the casual fan does not. Bell had been an MLB umpire for 21 years. After umpiring during the National League Division Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and St Louis Cardinals last week, Bell had returned to his home state of Ohio. You can read more on the story on CBS Sports.

As with previous posts I’ve done like this before, the point of this post is not for now. It’s for the future. The future when Bell’s family and friends ache for his presence.

It’s for when the sound of ball hitting glove echoes through the diamonds.

It’s for when the home plate umpire, Bell’s friend maybe, yells out “Play Ball!” next season. 

It’s for when they will see the empty spot on the field where he used to be. Where he should be.

It’s for when they will see the players he perhaps spoke fondly running the bases or up to bat. 

It’s for the memories past and those moments future when the tweets can be the hug of comfort they so longingly want to feel.

RIP, Mr. Bell.


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