#SportsDoingGood: 9/26/13

If you’ve read my previous posts on the #SportsDoingGood hashtag, you’ll know that the context of the tweet above is important to me. There are children in this world who are sold. Sold into the sex slave trade. I’ve read the stories, seen the pictures and they break my heart every single time. It goes without saying, children should have the right to live as children not slaves. That’s a human rights issue. But, not a very popular one.

So, when I saw that tweet above, originally retweeted by Not For Sale, I knew that was the lead story for today’s post.

When I clicked the link, it took me to a September 19th story on KansasCity.com. The story centers around one, Ethan Bryan. Bryan was seeking to not only set a record for ‘playing catch’ in Kaufman Stadium, but he was also hoping to raise $1000 to go toward helping Not For Sale fight human trafficking in Romania. Unfortunately, Bryan’s attempt was thwarted by stadium staff and only $120 was raised.

You can read more about Bryan’s story on his blog, “This Whispered Image Writes”, here. Well done, Ethan. Way to take sports and use it for good!



The link in this tweet is centered around the NFL’s new contest, “Together We Make Football”. Utilizing multiple platforms, the NFL is asking fans to send in their stories about how the NFL has touched their lives. This tweet caught my eye because it wasn’t in the United States. It was in India. 

Football in India

You can find this story and more on the NFL’s site, www.togetherwemakefootball.com





“Doing Good” In Sports

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FINAL THOUGHT: If you know of any sports person, team or organization doing good, please let me know via Twitter (@CadChica). I would love to share it in this blog and on my social media networks.

“Maybe together we can do our own good.”


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