“Maybe together we can do our own good.”

About a month ago, I wrote a post called “Just Thinking…#SportsDoingGood“. I called it a Twitter Project. Project because I looked at it as a Twitter collaboration. My hope was that others would get involved.

After the initial response of exactly one email and a few tweets…nothing. I did a few additional posts and tweet requests after that first day but the response has been underwhelming.



I realized that it wasn’t going to go anywhere writing wise so I stopped writing. Occasionally, I’d see a tweet about something good in sports that fit my story parameters and so I’d tweet it out with the hashtag, #SportsDoingGood.

Not many retweets. I didn’t understand. So, I quit writing about it. I even cut back on my hashtagging of it. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t take off. Then I realized it starts with me.

Trying to promote something I’m doing is not easy for me. I guess I thought the idea would sell itself. We see so much negativity in news whether it’s world issues, politics and yes, sports, that the positive stories often get lost. My hope was that others on Twitter, who are tired of the negative sports stories like me, would jump on board. Things travel so fast on Twitter so why wouldn’t it? It didn’t. So I put it on the back-burner.

Then today…

Although it’s only been retweeted 18 times as of this writing, it was my wake-up call. I may be the only one doing it but, the stories, the moments, the “doing good” still need to be shared. Part of what I do may be to report the bad but 10, 20, even 50 years from now, I want people to know that I tried to share the good in sports.

Here are the most recent items I hashtagged on my Twitter feed (links are clickable).










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FINAL THOUGHT: If you know of any sports person, team or organization doing good, please let me know via Twitter (@CadChica). I would love to share it in this blog and on my social media networks.

“Maybe together we can do our own good.”


CadChica Sports

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