Tweeting Owners

I get ideas to write about but, for one reason or another I put it off. Some call it procrastination. I like to call it in-the-moment-writing. Why write about something when there may be an opportunity just waiting for you down the road.

Today, is one of those days.

Jim Irsay  JimIrsay  on Twitter


Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, is one of the more interesting characters on Twitter. Tweeting musical lyrics, running Twitter contest (hat-picks) or teasing, then breaking, his own news like he did above, Irsay knows how to use the medium. Some call him crazy with some of the tweets he sends out (see tweets above), but he gets it. I’m a believer that Twitter helps those in the public eye control their own message. Judging by the reaction on Twitter, I’m pretty accurate in that assessment:


Which brings me to my procrastination story. As I said earlier, I’ve been a big proponent of using Twitter to control your own message. Athletes, media, celebrities, anyone in the public eye can use Twitter to promote, defend their point of view or share news, like Irsay did.

And, just as Irsay did, it got me thinking about how many sports owners are on Twitter. Aside from Irsay, perhaps the most well-known owner on Twitter (excluding Magic Johnson and his partial Dodgers ownership), here in America, is

Mark CubanDallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, is a popular follow on Twitter. He hasn’t tweeted as much as Jim Irsay but I would say it’s his ‘outgoing’ personality that has drawn in the followers. He is not the most popular team owner on Twitter based on followers but he does seem to be engaging. 

It does not appear anyone has curated a complete list of owners that I could find. Tweeting-Athletes does have a small list for NBA owners but that’s about it. If anyone knows of a list or lists of owners on Twitter, please let me know. Otherwise, here are a few that I found (in no particular order).

Take note of their Twitter follower numbers and number of tweets. That gives you an idea of how engaged they may or may not be. When looking at the accounts individually, it’s also worth noting that the owners don’t just tweet about their teams or sports. They have varying interests, passions and opinions, some of which they share on Twitter. Most tend to be guarded in what they tweet, as they should be. Not many, however, take advantage of the space in their Twitter headers. For businessmen, that surprises me.

Jerry Jones


Leonsis Twitter


John W Henry Twitter



Merritt Paulson Twitter


Guber Twitter


Paul Allen Twitter


Dan Gilbert Twitter


Vijay Mallya Twitter*

W Brett Wilson Twitter




Steve Tisch Twitter


Michael Andretti Twitter


Woody Johnson


FINAL THOUGHTS: Take these for what they’re worth. We in social media focus on athletes and media so much that we tend to forget about the owners that are on Twitter. They’re businessmen first and foremost. It makes sense that their number of tweets is low. But, the question for me is why be on Twitter if you’re not going to be engaging in some way?

As I mentioned above, I’m surprised they don’t take advantage of the Twitter header in some way. Would there be a brand willing to pay to sponsor a team owner’s Twitter? Are there any rules against it? I don’t know. But, to leave it blank? Seems like a missed business opportunity to me.

One discovery I did make during my research? W. Brett Wilson is also on Pinterest. Not sure if there are any other owners on there.

W Brett Wilson Pinterest

If you know of any site or person that has a list of team owners on Twitter, please let me know. With all the various professional sports around the world, I know I missed many on owner during my search tonight.

My Question For You: What do you think of owners on Twitter? Good or bad idea? Should they be more engaging? What purpose does it serve? Let me know in the comments below.


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