CadChica’s Sports Links: September 17, 2013

SPORTS LINKS: A collection of links that you may have missed from around the sports landscape centering on social media, business, sponsorship and technology.


In Today’s Edition: VoiceByte – a new tool in the sports media arsenal; Mayweather’s ill-advised Instagram photo; former Chicago Bear creates Overdog sports app; WWE hits 2 million; ASP seeking tv, sponsorship deals plus much more.



I tweeted out this story Monday but didn’t include it in yesterday’s links since it wasn’t really sports-related. But then I received this tweet last night:

I listened and whoa. Tweeting a voice message. Okay, so that’s not necessarily thought but, my head started spinning. I began thinking of how it could be used in the sports realm. The VoiceByte app allows you to attach a picture and add a “brief” video commentary to it. Here’s an example of one I did tonight (yes, you get to hear my voice) as well as the official VoiceByte video:

According to the guys at VoiceByte (brothers, Michael Fenech and Stephen Fenech), the plan is to extend the recording times beyond the current 15 second time-frame.

As I said, my head was spinning…with ideas. My initial thought from a sports perspective is on the sidelines. When watching a game from the sidelines, I often snap action photos. How great would it be to snap that photo and add some audio context to it? Think about it. Provide either the crowd, team or even your reaction to it. Include what you, as a reporter, saw on that play. No need to wait for the broadcast partner to chime in on the television. Reporters or writers on the sideline can add their own context quickly, through Twitter and VoiceByte.

I was able to reach out, through Twitter, to find out a little bit more from the folks at VoiceByte. With their “media push” beginning yesterday, the word-of-mouth is still in the early stages here in the states. In Australia, it has already been used during games like this:

While video has been discussed, the lag times that occur with video-uploading would be a drawback for the app. As VoiceByte tweeted to me, “Audio is interesting content that can be easily consumed”.

If you’re at a sporting event soon, I recommend giving it a try. If I can figure out how to use it, anyone can.

It’s that easy.



  • Deleted tweets? No, it was a now-deleted Instagram photo that got Floyd Mayweather in trouble – Yahoo! Sports
  • Lost in Twitter-context: Bret Bielema’s forced to explain wife’s “karma” tweet –
  • Top 5 social media campaigns in Major League Baseball – Sport Techie
  • Social media adds to the stress, pressure already faced by Premier League referees – Fox Sports Australia



  • Throwing the limits: human technology may have hit its limits for baseball pitchers – New York Times
  • New sports app, Overdog, connects athletes and gamers; founded by former Bear, Hunter Hillenmeyer  – Herald Online
  • Sports-on-the-go in app form: Spogo fills the sports bar buddy niche – Sport Techie



  • They seem to always be trending so it’s no wonder WWE has hit 2 million YouTube subscribers – Lost Remote
  • Stripping to success? FC Luzern’s owners business sense is ___________ – Pro Soccer Talk (h/t @msteckling)
  • PrePlay, Farpoint Ventures team up to “develop Japan market” –
  • American Surfing Professionals cleaning up its image while seeking tv, sponsorship deals – Mens Journal



  • Pro snowboarder, Erik Leon, adds three new sponsors; international promotions await – Transworld Snowboarding
  • MLB, Getty extend partnership – SportsPro Media
  • A sponsorship story of a different sort: Indian badminton players in need of sponsors –



  • Qatar. In the summer. What could go wrong is more than FIFA bargained for. Especially when it comes to Fox Sports – Awful Announcing



Making the rounds on Twitter last night. I’m just the messenger, y’all.


CadChica Sports

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