CadChica’s Sports Links: September 12, 2013

SPORTS LINKS: A collection of links that you may have missed from around the sports landscape centering on social media, business, sponsorship and technology.


In Today’s Edition: Stadium Bowls dip their toe in college athletics; Lotus F1 team makes waves with tweet; possible sponsor fallout for Michael Waltrip Racing; Love, Social Media Style; Doritos going global for Super Bowl ad; Beestar’s Quasp a game-changer and more, below.



Sports. Food. They just go together.

But what happens when you throw in a stadium bowl? Stadium bowl? Yes, stadium bowl.

LaVell Edwards stadium bowlImages via

“Imagine getting served nachos or ice cream in an near-perfect replica of LaVell Edwards Stadium, so detailed you could pinpoint the section you are sitting in and mark the spot of the football with nacho cheese while enjoying your mid-game snack.

The LaVell Edwards Stadium bowls, some of the first produced by a new Utah Valley company, were rolled out at BYU’s first home game of the season against Texas last week. The small bowls were used to serve Dippin’ Dots, while bigger bowls used to serve nachos will make their debut at the Utah game on Sept. 21.”



  • MLB’s Cardinals debut Instagram show – (h/t @BobMcKamey)
  • #HBQuest another in a long line of Harrison Barnes’ social talents –
  • Wichita State Athletics launches #MyState campaign – The Sunflower
  • Love, Social Media Style for Drummond, McCurdy – DimeMag
  • The “boomstache” legend grows, through social media – Daily Athenaeum
  • Lotus F1 team made waves with this tweet, RTd over 17k times as of post time. Warning: Not necessarily the most appropriate thing for a “brand” to tweet. Click at your own discretion.



  • University of Kentucky, Cornett continue media partnership –
  • Russell Westbrook extends fashion reach with Fashion Week attendance – New York Times
  • Adidas, D-Rose touring Asia –
  • The future of sports nicknames: less controversyAdWeek
  • New UEFA Youth League snags Eurosport for tv rights – SportsPro Media
  • China has “next London” potential for NFL after successful weekend event in Beijing – SBJ/SBD



  • NASCAR controversy prompts sponsors to review Michael Waltrip Racing partnership – Yahoo! Sports
  • Doritos goes global for Super Bowl ad contest – USA Today (h/t @sfcoaks)
  • Century 21 becomes U.S. Boblsed, Skeleton sponsor –



  • Baseball fans with Google Glass get bonus info at games – Engadget (h/t @ThatGuyHugs)
  • Formula E bringing a new “green” to racing – BBC News
  • Optimization is key for Brooks Sports; selects PTC PLM technology – HeraldOnline
  • Quasp might be a game-changer for Beestar in sports technology circles – TechCrunch (h/t @FrdKeser)



It’s almost hockey season!


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