I Broke Superstition Protocol

If a tweet can jinx a no-hitter or a perfect game, then a blog post can doom a season. 


Baseball is a superstitious sport. From jumping over the baseline when taking the field to a 5-minute batting routine, baseball players tend to lean on the superstitious side.

Who can blame them?

A 162-game schedule. Six months of monotonous travel. What seems routine becomes repetition on the heels of a winning or hitting streak. If it worked yesterday, it surely must work today. Or so the thinking goes. “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer” as the Stevie Wonder song goes.

Pitcher has a no-hitter or a perfect game going, purists are aghast when an announcer mentions it on a broadcast. More so when someone tweets about it. It’s breaking superstition protocol. The horror!

That’s just baseball.


Early in the morning of July 24th, fresh off a Seattle Mariners win over the Cleveland Indians, I wrote “This Is Streaking Fun“. The Mariners were in 3rd place in the American League West, 10 games behind the Oakland A’s. But, they were 48-52, 8 1/2 games back in the Wild Card race and on an 8-game win streak. The Mariners were winning. It was fun to watch them again. They looked like they were having fun.

Since then, the Mariners have gone 18-28. Today, they are in fourth place in the AL West, 19 1/2 games behind division leader, Oakland. Tonight, they were swept (SWEPT) by the division cellar-dwellar, Houston Astros. With 15 games left in the season, the M’s sit at 65-81. The possibility of them going 15-0 in those final games against the Cardinals, Tigers, Angels, Royals and A’s is futile. 

It had to be my post, right? 18-28 since then? Unacceptable.

From 10 games back to 19 1/2? I jinxed them.

Potential Wild Card to being swept by the Astros? Something is amiss.

I have no access to the locker room. Intimate details of behind the scenes knowledge is not something I’m privy to so the only thing I’m left with is me. I did it. I blew it with my first positive Mariners post in years. The “delete” button is just as easy to click as “publish”, right? I should have just kept my joy inside. They were doing so well until I had to pour out my happiness in word form. It’s my fault. I broke superstition protocol. 

Or, that’s just baseball.


CadChica Sports

(AKA: A disheartened Mariners fan who wrote this late at night after being swept by the Astros and is trying to poke fun at myself to find some sort of humor in yet another lost baseball season.)

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