CadChica’s Sports Links: September 11, 2013

SPORTS LINKS: A collection of links that you may have missed from around the sports landscape centering on social media, business, sponsorship and technology.



Remembering 9/11

For those of us old to enough to remember, we remember where we were when the planes struck the Twin Towers. We remember the scenes as vividly as if they were yesterday. I was at home taking care of a three-week old baby. I remember what I was wearing, what I was doing. And, although my baby was sleeping at the time, I wanted to just wake him up and hold him close. The images, sounds, everything in the news was indescribable.

And I wasn’t even there.

Those who were there before, during and after, well, the rest of us cannot possibly ever know what they went through and suffered. We can only remember. And pray.

Sports became a part of how America tried to return to some sort of normalcy. Whether it was successful or not depends on who you ask. They cannot bring loved ones back. Sports cannot make us completely forget what happens in life. They can for a moment.

Sometimes, a moment is a good place to start.

A few stories related to 9/11 both past and present in the sports world:

  • Citi Field, Mets honor the fallen – NYDN
  • Two White Sox players reflect on their memories of being in New York on 9/11 – ESPN
  • 9/11 Day of Giving hosted by former Nuggets’ assistant – Denver Post
  • MLB tributes on 9/11 –
  • How sports resumed after 9/11…in photosUSA Today
  • Sports was our solace, escape says the New York Post in this 10th anniversary column – New York Post



  • Nike Inc to join  Dow Jones Industrial Average, September 23 – Bloomberg
  • “77” becomes inspiration for Andy Murray’s new business venture – The Guardian
  • An industry first in the fantasy sports world: LeagueSafe, DraftKings partnership –
  • Keith Bruce named Bay Area Super Bowl Committee CEO –
  • Buffalo group launches fantasy sports platform, PoundFF – Buffalo Rising
  • Oklahoma State seeking to control the message with SI-inspired website –



  • BNY Mellon signs on with 49ers, Levi’s Stadium –
  • Football Federation Australia signs former NRL Sponsor, Harvey Norman – Fox Sports Australia
  • Just call him “Ambassador” Deuce; Dempsey signs with EA Sports – SportsProMedia



  • Studying the concussion issue on the youngest of athletes – Technology Review
  • Wi-Fi in stadiums: upgrading, yet not at its peak – Mobile Sports Report
  • Analytics a growing force in tennis on, off court – Ad Age



  • From the Aces to Ashes with a scrum in between, measuring social in the U.K. – Huffington Post U.K.
  • Catamount Athletics Social Media Week to begin Friday the 13th – Catamount Sports
  • Facebook challenge lands Pirates fan in jail – Post Gazette
  • H/t to @Mahoney: #DoubleDown with State Farm –
  • This has nothing to do with sports but I thought it was funny:



When I read this story, I knew it deserved a place in the links today. But, it didn’t quite go with the other categories I had used. So, it gets its own category. Because, with a title like “Blogger Eats His Way Through The Sports World“, it really is in a category all by itself. –


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2 comments on “CadChica’s Sports Links: September 11, 2013

  1. mikeymartinny says:

    This was a GREAT way to organize and analyze 9/11. You showcased posts of the past and used posts from today, an anniversary of 9/11, to compare a contrast. Your use of links to old articles is a great idea!!

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