CadChica’s Sports Links: September 10, 2013

NOTE: I originally posted this on Storify. Attempting to post on WordPress here. Bear with me on the format.
A collection of links that you may have missed from around the sports landscape centering on social media, business, sponsorship and technology.



  • Maple Leafs stick close to home with new Canadian sponsor – Globe And Mail
  • Football is big business for sports bars in Hawaii – Hawaii
  • Re-birthing the IOA – The Daily Mail
  • AmEx, NBA reseal the deal – AdAge
  • Western Australian Cricket Association opts out of alcohol advertising – SportPro Media
  • O2 seeks to set self apart in “evolving” rugby sponsorship – Marketing Week


  • OJHL player suspended for “inappropriate tweet” –
  • Transfer window a boon to GiveMeSports’s social media activity –


  • An older story but, worth adding to today’s links: motion-tracking cameras in the NBA – ESPN


Due to Storify’s limited WordPress capability, I am unable to embed this video in today’s links. But, if you click this link you’ll find a fascinating video on two players ‘finding their identity’ in playing for the U.S. and Mexico.

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One comment on “CadChica’s Sports Links: September 10, 2013

  1. mikeymartinny says:

    I know you were worried about the format but I liked the way you set it up. Your post had great headlines for the day and informed me immediately about what was going on in the world of sports. Maybe a little preview before the headline as to what is significant in the story? Great post!

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