Fun With Topsy Search

In today’s SSM Links on Storify, I included a story that didn’t really have anything to do with sports. But, I soon discovered it could be used very much for sports, thanks to Michael Katz:

Topsy has enabled search of every single tweet since 2006. That got me thinking. Could this be used for hashtags? You know, the kind that when a name or game is mentioned you think of a hashtag. Okay, maybe that’s just how I think. But, I decided to test it out.


#SMsports = social media sports

Success. I’m not quite sure what it says but that was the first tweet listed on Topsy. Moving on…


#DempseyWatch = recently popular hashtag used by Seattle Sounders supporters during the “watch” to see if Clint Dempsey rumor was true. It was.

Definitely nothing to do with Seattle.


#ButtFumble = Think Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets

I don’t know what @djmazmusic  @pej31 @pmilz_45 and @YKG23 were discussing but somehow it had something to do with #buttfumble. 


#TebowTime = Tim Tebow. Enough said.

Four years ago, #TebowTime came into existence. Longer than his NFL career?


#BearDown = Arizona Wildcats

Sorry Chicago Bears fans. This hashtag began with the U of A.


#Pac12 = Pac-12 conference

Only surprising thing about this tweet from four years ago is that it also included the #Pac10.


#StraightCashHomey = Ask Randy Moss

Wait, wait. #StraightCashHomey and Dunkin Donuts in the same tweet? I don’t even know. 


#ChildPlease = Ask Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson

Twitter was kind of boring four years ago for these guys, huh?


#BeastMode = Ask Marshawn Lynch.

This one threw me for a loop. Bubbleguts? Vail? How is that #BeastMode?


#MACtion = Watch MAC football. End of story.

No search disappointed me more than this one. Massachusetts in Action has nothing on the Mid-American Conference during football season. Sigh.


Got a hashtag you want looked up? Let me know and we’ll find out what the oldest tweet to use it was. Tweet me, @CadChica, or leave a comment on this post.

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