“Favoriting” Is A Word

The “Favorite” button on Twitter is one of my (sorry) “favorite” features on the social media network.

What better way to capture reactions to a story than by favoriting tweets from a wide variety of people? Or,  get a story idea for a post? Even better, how about a possible television segment?

I have done all of the above: used reaction tweets on Storify, lead off a story with a simple tweet on my blog and a tweet was used to spawn an idea for a segment on the now-defunct tv show, UNITE. 

Favoriting (it’s a word) is a curator’s dream.


*Enter sarcasm font*

There are times when I wonder why I’m on Twitter. 

Check that. I wonder why I tweet as much as I do. It enabled me to start my journalism career but now that I’m a free-agent, I’m not getting paid to be “on” Twitter.

Not only that, but I wonder why on earth anyone follows me.

I get it. I do. I find great content. in some cases, I help others do their jobs. I find the tweets and stories they use on their sites or tv shows. But, is it that simple? Is that why people follow me? Do people love me for my tweets?

*End sarcasm font*

While the above was “mostly” sarcasm, there is a point in there somewhere. And it has to do with favoriting tweets.

I like to check my mentions on web-based Twitter to make sure I acknowledge people who have either replied to or retweeted me. The other thing that mentions show me is who has “favorited” one of my tweets. Like these:

Favorited by SportTechieFavorited Deion tweet Like me, all of the above work in media in either writing or television form. Are my tweets that funny or interesting? Or will they use them in one of the ways I mentioned above? Who knows. But they did prompt me to look at a few tweets I favorited.

Favorited by me Favorited by me2

A mix of social media usage by teams, funny tweets and a story link to read later. They illustrate the wide variety of information you can curate just by using that favoriting button.

What about you? Do you favorite tweets? If so, what do you use them for? Do you ever go back and unfavorite them? Or do you have pages of Favorites like me? If you don’t use it, why or why not?

I’ve gone back on occasion to clear out my favorites. Given how many pages I have of them (too many to count), it might be time to, in the words of Steely Dan, “Do It Again”.


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