Just Give Me The Hype

A debut was made in the world of college sports earlier this week.

Say the words “Purdue” and “rap” together and you my get a “you cray” face. But, it’s true. Or, at least it was.

If you want to see it, someone copied it on their YouTube page here.

Nevertheless, Twitter had a field day.

If you’re going to make a rap video, skills help. H/t to Clay Travis for tweeting this from @dinobrite.

Not bad.


I half-heartedly went searching for other school-related rap videos and well, I came across something that was much more satisfying.

That’s right friends. It is college football time. Judging by the number of views, 140k views just since uploading on Tuesday, football fans are ready for the season to start.

As I wrote the other day, college football is my favorite sport to watch. So naturally, I turned my search into other football hype videos. Here’s a very, very, very small sample of other hype videos I came across today and their respective view counts. They aren’t the end all of hype videos. I tried to stick with videos that were “official” (i.e. non-fan videos).

143k+ views

79k+ views

74k+ views

63k+ views

38k+ views

21k+ views

13k+ views

9k+ views

1k+ views


What’s not to get hyped up about? It’s college football, baby. But, before you think this is solely a college thing, think again:


FINAL THOUGHT: Are you a rapper or a hyper? I’m definitely the latter. The slowness of the summer sports season combined with a mountain of negative sports news has many a sports fan suffering all out withdrawals by mid-July. (Okay, not really). There’s just something…something about this time of year that makes me want to put eyeshadow on as eye-black. I already have the broken nose so why not?

Photo on 8-22-13 at 2.41 PM

WHAT?!?!?! You didn’t think I’d let you see a real, non-special effect photo of me did you? 


CadChica Sports

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