#SportsDoingGood: Pitch In For Baseball

It’s a project.

My #TwitterProject is off to a rolling start. A few people have already contacted me via email or on Twitter with stories highlighting sports in a “good” way. Some I’m retweeting with the #SportsDoingGood hashtag and others I’m writing about. Here is one of the tweets that has spawned a post:

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If there’s been a theme to these posts so far, I’d have to say it’s how sports are helping out kids. These are kids who have to overcome great challenges or seemingly insurmountable odds to just have a sliver of a chance to even play sports. In some cases, it’s been culture that stands against them. But in others, it’s unforeseen circumstances that have been the biggest obstacle. 


Pitch In

According to Pitch In For Baseball’s website,

We ship new and gently used equipment to children all over the world, as well as here in the U.S. Anyone is eligible, so long as your community has a genuine need for youth baseball and softball equipment and the kids want to have fun.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, lives were forever changed in the New York/New Jersey area. Many people lost everything. As spring time arrived, a looming baseball season appeared to be in jeopardy for kids in the area.

In stepped Pitch In For Baseball (PIFB).

According to this 2009 article on aroundtherings.com, PIFB has been around since 2005. Bringing baseball to kids in need in both the United States and the world, PIFB is meeting a need through distribution of “new and gently used” equipment.

You can find more information on PIFB on their website, here. Follow them on Twitter, “Like” them on Facebook or check out their YouTube page.

My thanks to Sheri Grossman for tweeting this story to me.


FINAL THOUGHT: Know of a group, team, athlete or league that is “doing good”? Tell me about them. Since this is a Twitter project, tweet me (@CadChica) some info (links, video). Use the hashtag #SportsDoingGood. I may not have a huge platform to speak from but speaking up “together” is better than not speaking at all.

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