What’s Your Favorite?

I am proud to say I used #MACtion in a tweet reply today.


Just typing it brings a smile to my face.

What is #MACtion? Not even The Sporting News could get players to define it at the recent Media Day event for the Mid-American Conference:

Thankfully, @edsbs is here to “quantify” it for you.

“What is MACtion? Touchdowns, that’s what.”

“They play such maddeningly fun football because they are all, for the most part, the exact same team, just with different colors and mascots and interstates which pass through their county somewhere. It is compelling. It is MACtion.”

Touchdowns? Sorry FOX Sports 1, that’s real fun.


Just thinking about it gets me excited for college football season. And, as usual for me, it got me thinking: What is my favorite sport?

I’ve had people ask me this from time to time. While most American fans say the NFL is their favorite, I can honestly say it’s not mine. To be sure, the ratings and popularity of the NFL back that up. That’s not me.

What is my favorite sport? The more I think about it, I’m more of a college sports fan. Yes, despite all of the off-field controversies regarding pay-for-play and arrests, it feels like there’s something still so innocent about it all. Call me naive but somewhere in college sports, athletes are still playing for the love of the game.

Give me a #MACtion game over an NFL game between the Jaguars and Chiefs. Besides, what’s better than a Saturday with a FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN?

So what is my favorite sport to watch? Is it college football? Here is my top five, subject to change, depending on my mood…or the season…or if MY team is on a roll.

  1. College Football
  2. Soccer
  3. College Basketball
  4. NFL
  5. NHL, tennis, etc…

Those are my choices. Again, subject to change. What about you? Are you a diehard, get your honey-do list out-of-the-way on Saturday so you can watch NFL all day on Sunday kind of fan? Or, dyed-in-the-wool MLB fan? Get all giddy like a school-girl when the NBA season rolls around? Okay, not really on that last one, but you get the picture.

Tell me about your top choices. Tweet me @CadChica.


CadChica Sports

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