A Case Of The Mondays


Here in America, say the word Monday and you may hear a variety of noises. Not responses. Just noises.

Grooooooan! Ugh! Mumble, grumble, mumble. Ick! Blech! Grrr!

Or maybe you’ve heard the brief two-word phrase, “MORE COFFEE”.

Yes, it’s the case of the Mondays. People across the country returning to work looking fondly back at the weekend that was or…in longingly looking ahead to Friday. And, we’re not quite to Monday Night Football time yet to give us “Monday hope” (sorry, preseason doesn’t count). 

With that in mind, how would you answer Muggsy Bogues’ tweet? Would you grumble? Ask for more coffee?

Here at CadChica Sports, I wanted to do something about it – Monday, that is. Let’s call it “A Case Of The Mondays”.


VIDEO #1 — anyone not looking forward to Madden 25? Watch this:

h/t Next Impulse Sports


I’ve written it before but I’m writing it again: I love what the Royals do in social media (Twitter):


VIDEO #2 — Any fans of the Lakers out there?

#mambamental #vinoclock

A post shared by Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) on


TUMBLR OF THE DAY — I had seen a link to this earlier but forgot to tweet it out. Thanks to Bryan A Graham for tweeting it to remind me ofHot Dog Legs“. If Monday has you down, you might want to click that link.


Thank you Lost Lettermen for this doozy:


VIDEO #3 — This video started me off on my Monday-thinking. I laughed. Happy Monday!

h/t Daily Of The Day


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