#SportsDoingGood: Yuwa-India

Sports can stir passion.

Whether it’s cheering on our favorite team or athlete, watching or participating in our favorite sport ourselves, there is something about sports that brings out passion in people. I know, not all of it is used for good. But, there are times when it brings out the best in people.

I am trying out what I call, a #TwitterProject. Since I use Twitter as my reporting medium, I’m using it to share stories of the good side in sports. For the uninitiated, I recently wrote a post called “Just Thinking…#SportsDoingGood“. As someone who has seen the evolution and exponential growth of Twitter in sports (since 2009), I am aware of how much it has changed sports journalism. As it has grown, the negative stories have grown. With the volume of people on Twitter now, it’s inevitable to see 20 people within the span of a minute give their take on a story like Aaron Hernandez or Johnny Manziel.

It’s become tiresome. Particularly within the media.

This #TwitterProject is my effort to bring forth the positive voice in sports. I’m a reporter/writer. There will be times I’ll need to report and write on the negative stories. But, I want to get others involved to bring the positive stories to the forefront more.

And thanks to emailer, Karan Popli (@KP031), today’s post is just that.


“Better health. Better education. Better livelihood.”


Set aside some time to watch this video. It’s worth it.

Key moments for me after watching this were these phrases or statements:

  • They “mortgage their childhood to support their family”.
  • The girls “teach each other”.
  • The best coaching includes: 1. “No lectures.” 2. “Demonstration” 3. “Love what you do.”
  • “Empowerment through sports.”
  • “They have shown to every man that they are no less than them.”
  • “I just want to do one thing…play football.”

To find out more about Yuwa-India, please go to their website, http://www.yuwa-india.org, follow them on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.


FINAL THOUGHT: Know of a group, team, athlete or league that is “doing good”? Tell me about them. Since this is a Twitter project, tweet me (@CadChica) some info (links, video). Use the hashtag #SportsDoingGood. I may not have a huge platform to speak from but speaking up “together” is better than not speaking at all.

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