Just Thinking…#SportsDoingGood

EDIT: Thanks to my friend Josh Wade, from Nectar Tasting Room, I changed the hashtag to #SportsDoingGood. Since this is about sports, it’s a good idea to have sports in the hashtag, right?



Yes, I have returned. I took a bit of a writing break (and partial social media break) to refresh my thoughts. My post, “Doing Good” In Sports took a bit out of me. I was fully vested in that post and it didn’t make much of an impact so perhaps I was a bit discouraged that the negative stories win out every day. I don’t know.

Thankfully, we’re getting closer to football and futbol season so here’s hoping the negative stories will lessen. Still, the amount of negativity out there dominating the sports news landscape has me ‘just thinking’…


We’ve seen the power of social media, particularly with Twitter. One ill-advised tweet can become a firestorm (Roddy White, Rashard Mendenhall). A simple tweet TO someone triggers an avalanche of outrage (Jay Bilas received a tweet  & he tweets about the NCAA shop). Twitter fights have become common-place (Richard Deitsch-Darren Rovell set the standard). A hashtag, a simple hashtag, can become a story (#DempseyWatch).

The power to get a message out to the masses is incredible in this social media age.

Which has me thinking – why not use it to share the positive stories more? Why don’t the “doing good” stories go viral? It has to start with someone so why not me? 

Ideally I’d like to share a sports story here, or on Twitter or Facebook, once a day. Call it the #SportsDoingGood project. Stories that show athletes, sports media, fans doing something good like I mentioned in my ‘Doing Good’ post. It may not have to be traveling to Africa like Stephen Curry but showing how people are #SportsDoingGood outside of their sport is the goal.

We’ve all heard or read the complaints about not enough positive stories being told in the media, right? Well, I’ve come to believe it’s because we don’t choose to. We choose what we click to read. We choose what we will support. We choose what we share on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. I say this to myself too. I need to choose the “good” stories more often.

Since I’m currently jobless, I have some time to devote to this project. This is where you come in. I need your help to make this a “thing”. I don’t have a huge platform to work with but with a little help, this could be something special. Spread the good amongst the not so good sports stories. I have no idea if this will take off or not. Will this be daily? Weekly? I don’t know. With the fall sports season upon us, it may just die a quick death. But if you don’t try things in life, you’ll be surrounded by regret.

What am I looking for? Check out my Doing Good post link above or click the links in these tweets:

If you see a positive story like I mentioned, share it with me. Tweet me (@CadChica) or share on my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CadChicaSports) with the hashtag #SportsDoingGood. Maybe together we can do our own good. 


CadChica Sports

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