This Is Streaking Fun!

Lean times.

There have been some mighty lean times lately in my Seattle Mariners’ fandom. Over a decade without a post-season appearance. Promises to rebuild. And rebuild. And rebuild. Stars coming. Annnnd , stars leaving.

I miss the days gone by. The days where it was “fun” to watch the M’s play.


My fandom for the Mariners isn’t as long as many up in these parts where I live. I grew up in Phoenix who did not have an MLB team back then. Spring training was held in Arizona but that’s as close as I got to any of the teams. I was born in Oakland so I adopted the Athletics as my team when I was young.

Heck, why not? They were a fun team to watch. Don’t think so? One name: Rickey Henderson.

Rickey was the man. Rickey was cool. Rickey was smooth. Rickey was…RICKEY! I loved watching him play. Okay, I loved watching him run. He stole bases like nobody’s business. The all-time steals leader was my guy!

Then I moved to Washington. I still followed the A’s. Cheered them. Supported them. When they played the Seattle Mariners, I’d listen to the game on the radio or watch it on tv.

But there was this voice.

This voice I heard on Mariners’ broadcasts kept drawing me in. Slowly. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself zoning in on Mariners games just so I could hear that voice. Hear the passion, the excitement, the love and joy for the game.

The voice of Dave Niehaus made me a Seattle Mariners fan. I fell in love with the Mariners because of him. His spoken words painted a picture of a beautiful game.


There is a beautiful expectation with a baseball season. In a way, it is like a pregnancy. (I have 3 kids so I know what I am talking about.) We have such great hopes and expectations while we are pregnant like fans do early in the season. We deal with so many emotions when we’re pregnant…emotional highs and lows while we go through the pregnancy process similar to fans emotions throughout the season. We get more emotional as our due date nears – you guessed it – the calendar pages ever closer to October, fan angst grows.

The comparison ends there.

But for many fans, the emotion is very real. I can’t say my emotions at Defcon 1 level but, apathy did start to creep in. I wanted “my” team to win. With Dave Niehaus gone, there was no reason to listen to the games. There was no hope of the postseason. Off-season move after off-season move failed to pan out.

I wanted “fun” again. 

#KeepStreaking is the hashtag right now. But this 8-game winning streak the Mariners are on brought back a phrase that would have been a popular hashtag way back when:  Refuse To Lose

That’s right, baby! The Seattle Mariners are on an 8-game winning streak. And it’s not just Seattle that’s excited! The Mariner fanbase stretch from parts of Oregon and Idaho all the way up to Alaska. We are smiling again. We’re enjoying the young, as well as old(er), players doing the little things and having “fun” doing it.

#RefuseToLose was fun.

#KeepStreaking is fun.

The #Mariners are fun again.


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