Finalmente: Sports News For The Hispanic Fan

When researching for sports-social media news to share today, I came across one article that immediately made me smile.

No sarcasm. It truly made me smile.

Google search - Hispanic Athletes siteAccording to the article, The Sporting Nation website “will fill a gap in the sports Internet landscape by highlighting Hispanic athletes”.



I have long believed that there is a “gap” in sports coverage in this country for the Hispanic (Latino) fan. Even when I type the term “Hispanic fan”, I cringe. Not because of the phrase itself but because it puts fans in a box. It’s kind of like espnW trying to cater to the “female fans”. Yes, I’m a female but don’t call me a female fan. I’m just a fan. Don’t box me in! 

In a way, I feel the term “Hispanic fan” boxes people in. For purposes of this post, however, you’ll see why I’m using it. To define “Hispanic fan” would be impossible – someone will surely disagree with my definition. Suffice to say, the “Hispanic fan” is exactly that: a sports fan of Hispanic heritage. Some might argue that it should include specific sports like soccer (futbol) but that isn’t accurate. There are Hispanic fans who aren’t soccer fans. Not many, but there are a few.


I wasn’t raised on soccer but I love the game. I’m interested in what’s going on in the soccer world. But, I’m also a college football, NFL, college basketball, baseball, tennis, Olympics…need I say more…fan. I love sports. Not just a select few. But all sports.

I want to read about Hispanic athletes who have overcome challenges or are making a difference. Sure, there have been articles on ESPN or Fox Sports but they feel few and far between. Or, they are focused solely on the “name” athletes. “Names” that will sell to the general American population. I want more.

And I believe that there are others like me. Whether they’re bilingual or not (like me), we want to hear about those athletes. We want to know more about the ones flying under the radar. We want to hear about sports from a Hispanic perspective.

From all appearances, The Sporting Nation just might be what I’m looking for. Two of the lead stories on the site today:

Sporting Nation cover

Sporting Nation

Two major sports. One a major story and one, to me, that is under the radar. Yet, both highlight athletes that the Hispanic community would be interested in.

There’s more to The Sporting Nation: sections for video, images, trending and specific sports sections

The Sporting Nation tabs



We’re not just Hispanic fans. We’re sports fans. We love a variety of sports just like anyone else in the USA. We’re also very proud of our heritage. And we have been underserved for sports coverage.

Yes, there’s ESPN Deportes and FOX Deportes. Those are fine. Same with Telemundo and Univision. But there’s still a lack of what Hispanic fans desire in this country. We hear about new sports apps every week. What about the sports apps that cater to the American Hispanic fan?

Maybe with the launch of The Sporting Nation, that will be next. It’s certainly a promising start.

¡Estoy muy emocionada!


CadChica Sports

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