Opinion: Spinning The Social

At first, I accidentally typed “sinning” in the title. Whoops.

No, I am not suddenly writing about religion or faith. But a tweet I saw today did remind me of a bible verse:

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is how it goes. The link in the above tweet is on Texas A&M’s Heisman winning quarterback, Johnny Manziel, and the challenges he’s faced off-the-field since winning the prestigious trophy.

Before you exit my post, this isn’t another Manziel opinion. I have my opinion and have tweeted it out. Sorry, you’ll have to search my timeline for it. Good luck with that.

What this story did do was get me thinking about how stories are spun, socially.

It used to be when a significant sports story broke, athletes, pr reps, schools, agents would take to the airwaves (tv, radio) to address it. Even sports media would go ‘on the air’ to give their opinions. Social media has changed all of that.

Everyone has a voice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – just pick a social network. Opinions run rampant on any sports topic. But those opinions can often be formed to become “spin”. 

On Twitter, all it takes is finding someone who agrees with you and retweet it. The opposite is true. Disagree with someone and retweet it with a comment. Both can spread like wildfire. Those retweets form the base of spin.

Whether it’s Manziel’s off-the-field issues or the most recent hot topic, George Zimmerman’s acquittal, finding like-minded individuals helps to solidify one’s point of view. The more followers someone has means that voice, that singular voice, is amplified through the retweets.

I use retweets often but not so much for spin. As my Twitter bio says: “Using RTs/tweets to connect people, report sports/other stuff.” That’s not to say I don’t use it for spin or to sway people. We all do. There are stories I’m passionate about. When the San Francisco Giants’  Jeremy Affeldt tweets about fighting against slavery in this world, I’ll endorse that. Stories that affect children, vulnerable children who can’t defend themselves, I’m in.

I could go on and on. Pick an issue. Pick a hot topic. Find the tweets that support what you’re thinking – and you can spin it to become the story. Safe behind our glass houses of opinion.

Funny – I just came across this tweet in the past few minutes.

Twitter glass houses.


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